Marketing and Entrepreneur Management

In this unit students will have a basic understanding of marketing and the marketing components, develop a small business and desgin a product, plus advertise and promote that business. 



You will be introduced to careers that are available in the Marketing, Entrepreneur and Management Pathways.


Career Videos

Assignment #1 Marketing

Entrepreneurial Traits

Overview: Students will learn about different entrepreneurs and learn about common characteristics and traits. 


Assignment: Fill out this form as you watch the presentation in class.

Absent: Click here for the presentation. 

Please fill out the form in assignments while watching the presentation if you were absent.


Assignment #2 Marketing

4Ps Presentation

Overview: Students will learn about the 4Ps of Marketing - Product, Price, Place, Promotion during a class discussion using NearPod.


Assignment: Fill out this worksheet while watching two sales pitches from Shark Tank. (Simple Sugars and Cool Wraps sales pitches). Make a copy of this in your Google Drive. When you are done download it as a PDF and drop it to your teacher. 

Absent: Link to PowerPoint for a review of the NearPod. 


2010 - present

2010 - present