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In this unit you will explore the basics of coding and get started on a solid foundation to coding. is a non-profit organization dedicated to expanding access to computer science for students around the world. 



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Assignment #1 IT

Overview: Students will log into their code accounts from this page. will help the students understand the basic concepts about coding.  


Assignment: Compete stages 1 - 20 on the Accelerated Course. When you are done take a screen shot of your course progress. Write your name on your screen shot and drop it to your teacher. You must watch all of the movies, they are part of the assignment.

Absent: If you absent you will need to spend time outside of class working on completing the levels. 

A3 Christiansen

Assignment #2 IT

Wix - About Me Website

Overview: Students will learn the basics of using a website drag and drop editor to create a 3 page website. 

Assignment: You will be making a website about yourself in a website editor called  You will create an account using your Google accounts (sign in and click on the red Google button). When you get started on your site it is important that you start from a blank template. You need to have the following things on your website. Make sure that you check off each item when you have added it to your site, use the line to check it off. Check List

Absent:  Here is a link to the How To Video if you were gone. 

Click HERE to watch video on adding pictures

Assignment #3 IT

Khan Academy - 



Overview: Students will learn the foundation to what HTML and CSS is all about. These web coding languages will help students be successful in a computer science pathway. 

Assignment: You will be creating an online account on Please sign in with your school Google account. You will be working on the Introduction to HTML/CSS. To find this course you will need to search for the computer programming lessons and then its the second one down. It's called Intro to HTML/CSS. Complete both the Intro to HTML and Intro to CSS. 

When you are finished take a screen shot of your course progress page. Write your name on your screen shot and drop it to your teacher. 


**Start this assignment by watching the first video below. When you reach the point that the first video ends, watch the second video. When you complete html you will then click on the last video to guide you through css.

VIDEO 1: Logging in and starting

VIDEO 2: html coding

VIDEO 3: css coding

Absent:  Follow the instructions above to get started, watch all of the videos to complete the lessons. 

2010 - present