Human Resource Management

In this unit you will discover what employers are looking for when hiring, ways to prepare for your future job, and how personal marketing will impact your changes of getting the job of your dreams. 


You will be introduced to careers that are available in the Human Resources Management Pathway. These jobs recruit and hire new employees, train current employees, distribute employee benefits, and deal with employee issues.



Career Videos

2010 - present

2010 - present


Assignment #1 HR 

HR Organization


Overview: Prezi presentation about organization within the Human Resource Department. 

Assignment: Creating a concept map in Google Draw. Click here for the template. You must Make A Copy for your Google Drive. This will be completed during the presentation/discussion in class. Download as a PDF to turn in digitally on the website. 

Absent: If you are absent click here for the presentation. 


Assignment #2 HR

Job Skills


Overview: "Lifted" short film from Pixar that demonstrates skills needed for a specific job. 


Assignment: While we are watching the short movie "Lifted" in class please fill out the Job Skills - Online Worksheet

about the Alien and his job skills. When you are done submit.

Absent: If you are absent click here for the video. Click on "Pixar Lifted" video. 



Assignment #3 HR

Quality Employee

Overview: Class discussion and presentation about what skills and personality traits employers want in their employees. 


Assignment: While we are discussing the quality employee presentation fill out The Quality Employee - Online Worksheet.  When you are done hit submit. 

Absent: If you absent click here for the presentation.

Assignment #4 HR


Overview: Class discussion and nearpod about ethical behavior at home, school, and in the work place.  


Assignment: While we are discussing ethics, student will participate inside the nearpod. *This will be a graded nearpod assignment. 

Absent: If you are absent go to and enter the code: QZIJV. Take your time on the drawing parts and email your teacher when you have completed the lesson.