Travel and Tourism

In this unit you will have a basic understanding of hospitality and tourism, explore the realtionship and impact of hospitality and tourisn on society and explore related careers.

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2010 - present

2010 - present

Assignment Travel #1

Utah's Economy 

Overview: The class discussion will start with a NearPod about Utah's Economy.

Assignment: Students will use a class code to join a NearPod session. This assignment will be graded, please use your real name. 

Absent: Watch the videos below and write five sentences about the economy in Utah. 

"Take the Road to Might" Utah's new marketing campaign to attract vacationers and visitors to the state.

The state of Utah is trying to attract workers to our state. Our economy depends on people to hold jobs.

Promotional to Work in Utah Videos - 

Why live in Utah

Life Elevated - Working in Utah

Build an Amazing Career at Adobe in Utah