Group Project


Instructions: You will be working in a group of 2 – 4 students to complete the assignment. You will be able to choose your own group and which option your group wants to complete.


Option #1: Video Game Narrative

Career: Video Game Writer

Platform: Google Slides

Description: As a Video Game Writer your group will be part of the pre-production design team. Your group needs to create the setting, characters, and narrative for a new video game. You will not be coding or actually creating the game. Your group will need at least the following components to create a successful project.


The following information should be in paragraph form with a supporting images, best done in Google Slides.

  1. Name for the game

    1. Logo

  2. Setting

  3. Characters/Players

    1. Primary Character – Protagonist (the good guy that is player controlled)

    2. Alternate Characters – Players/Characters in addition to the primary character

    3. Non-Player Characters – A character that is controlled by the actual software/program

    4. Boss – A computer-controlled opponent in an enemy-based game, Antagonist

    5. Mob – A computer-controlled non-player character or monster

  4. Narrative/Story

  5. Objective – How to win the game

  6. Rules


Option #2: Blogger

Career: Blogger

Platform: – Blog Site

Description: As a Blogger your group will need to decide what the theme of the your blog will be, (movies, books, food, sports, ect.) Each Blogger or group member needs to contribute at least two articles or posts to your website.


The following information should be included for full credit for your assignment.

  1. At least six posts

    1. Each post is a complete article (4-5 paragraphs).

    2. Each post has a title.

    3. Each post has a picture.

    4. Each post has been proof read by another Blogger in your group.



Option #3: Newspaper or Magazine

Career: Newspaper writer or editor

Platform: Google Draw

Description: As a newspaper or magazine Editor your group will be creating a newspaper or magazine. You should layout your project using Google Draw, each drawing will be one page of the newspaper or magazine.



  1. 5 pages                 

    1. Front, Back, and three other pages.

    2. Front Page – Featured Article

    3. Several articles

      1. Investigative report

      2. Interview

      3. Informational

    4. At least two advertisements to fill in the space

    5. Title at the top of each page and article.


Option #4: Text Book, Instructional Book, or Informational Book

Career: Text Book Author / Technical Writer

Platform: Google Docs

Description: As a Technical Writer your group will be creating a textbook or instructional booklet. You should layout your project using Google Docs.



  1. Topic or Subject – Very Specific

  2. 7 – 10 pages       

    1. Table of Contents

    2. Chapters or Sections

    3. Images

    4. Section Review

    5. Vocabulary Section

    6. Question Section

    7. Paragraph Format



Option #5: Make Your Own – must get it approved