Timberline Middle School

Thursday, November  8th (about 3:00 - 6:00)



  • Business Etiquette

  • Business Math and Financial Literacy

  • Career Exploration

  • Digital Citizenship

  • Introduction to Computer Science and Coding

  • Critical Thinking* Team Event

 Performance Events

  • Elevator Speech

  • Desktop Publishing

  • Keyboarding

  • Spreadsheet

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State - Davis Convention

March  13, 2018

Pre-submissions Due Feb 1, 2017

Local Chapter Activities Report 

Business Plan

Multimedia & Website Development (Website and objective test)

Production Tests Due Jan 29 - Feb 9

Desktop Publishing


Keyboarding Applications I

Keyboarding Applications II

Objective Test (taken at state)

Business Ethics 

Business Principles 

Business Spelling 

Introduction to Computer Science & Coding

Career Exploration

Business Math and Financial Literacy

Multimedia & Website Development (Website and objective test)


Live Event at State

Computer Slide Show - How to prevent bulling at your school

Job Interview - Individual

Elevator Speech

Community Service Project


Competitive Events

Computer Science Study Guide

Business math and financial literacyhttp://www.fbla.testfrenzy.com/business_math.php

Career Exploration: https://www.quia.com/quiz/3934796.html

Intro computer science and coding- Need to find better resources for this one.. here are tests for computer applications.


Website design infohttp://shortiedesigns.com/2014/03/10-top-principles-effective-web-design/

Business Math Study: 

Guides: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uur0bfevz1vtkiv/Business%20Math%20%26%20Financial%20Literacy.docx?dl=0

Here are some other links:




https://quizlet.com/ - search for the test name or event name

Study Guides

EVENTS - Study Helps


  • Career Exploration - The objective test may include questions on skills, career plans, career goals, job searches, job applications, cover letters, resumes, interviews, Occupational Outlook Handbook, and basic career education. 

Resources for Practice & Study               

-  Occupational Outlook Handbook




  • Introduction to Business CommunicationThe objective test may include questions on proofreading, grammar, punctuation, word division, expression of numbers, capitalization, and business spelling.

Resources for Practice & Study  

- Strategies for Editing




  • Desktop Publishing - Participants should be prepared to create, design, and produce usable copy on a computer using desktop publishing software. Students should be prepared to create documents such as a flyer, brochure, and invitation that include graphics, text, layout creativity, and appropriate fonts and type sizes. 

Resources for Practice & Study

         - Top 5 Tips to Design

         - Basic Guidelines



  • Computer Slideshow Presentation - Create a 2–3 minute slide show presentation      

Resources for Practice & Study 

         -  Making Presentations Beautiful



  • Keyboarding Applications I - Participants should be able to produce a personal letter, a one-page report, and a one- or two-column table/ centering problem. Results will be based on accuracy of printed copy and Standards of Mailability.

         Resources for Practice & Study 

                    - Report Formatting

                    - Example of One Page Report

                    - Personal Letter Example



  • Keyboarding Applications II - Participants should be able to produce a business letter; a one-page report with a title page, reference page, and citations; and a two- or three-column table. Results will be based on accuracy of printed copy and Standards of Mailability. 

           Resources for Practice & Study                        

                    - Report with Title Page Example

 - Writing Basic Business Letter Format



  • Spreadsheet - Participants should be prepared to complete problems in a spreadsheet format, which may include various functions, including formatting, sorting, editing, creating and applying formulas, and charts. Results will be based on accuracy and formula-view printout.

   Resources for Practice & Study                   

                    - Excel Movie Tutorials



  • Web Page Creation - Create a Website

Resources for Practice & Study  

                  - Tutorials For Beginning Web Designers

                  - Ten Elements for a Great Site



  • Business Computations - Questions related to business such as basic math concepts, decimals, fractions, percentages, and discounts.

             Resources for Practice & Study  



  • Business Concepts - Questions related to characteristics and organizations of business, consumerism, money management and banking, career awareness, and rights and responsibilities of managers, employees, owners, and government.

               Resources for Practice & Study  



  • Business Spelling - 50 spelling words commonly used in a business environment.

               Resources for Practice & Study  

                   - FBLA Spelling List

                   - Practice Test



  • Computer Concepts - Questions on basic computer principles, terminology, computer application concepts, programming concepts and procedures, and computer equipment.

               Resources for Practice & Study  



  • Internet Concepts - Questions about the Internet, world wide web, browsers, e-mail, computer security, ethics, and privacy.

               Resources for Practice & Study  



  • Marketing - Questions on basic marketing principles: price, product, place, promotion, economics, selling and merchandising, advertising, media, and e-commerce.

               Resources for Practice & Study  



  • Parliament Procedures- Questions on parliamentary procedure principles, concepts, and terminology.

            Resources for Practice & Study 

           - How to Conduct a Meeting



  • Personal Finance - Questions on financial principles related to personal decision making, earning a living (income/taxes), managing budgets and finance, saving and investing, buying goods and services, banking, credit, and insurance, and consumer math.

              Resources for Practice & Study  

          - Finance In The Classroom Activities


  • Public Speaking - Prepare 2 to 3 minute speach on one of the 9 goals of FBLA

Resources for Practice & Study 



  • Job Interview

Resources for Practice & Study