Great examples of students who took the initiative to start their own businesses. 

Video used as an example of a manager training a new employee. 

A compilation of 10 commercials with different themes and marketing strategies.  

A list of 20 Inventions that you should not live with out. 

A short video of how much the iPhone 7 costs to build minus the expenses.

Report from that the travel and tourism industry in Utah made about $8 Billion dollars in 2016.

Report from that the travel and tourism industry is increasing every year. 

Short video about the difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset. 

This video will give you an overview of Pixar’s filmmaking pipeline and prepare you to dive deeper into STEAM topics.

Doodle animated video about where good ideas come from. 

Marketer Shaun Neff starting Neff Heardware and how the company got off the ground. 

How technology is constantly changing and preparing for the future. 

The future of urban transportation, using new technology getting people from point A to point B in the sky. 

Collection of older commercials in a shared Dropbox folder.