Business Administrative Support

To be successful in business, a person should have a broad range of up-to-date skills and should be able to research basic trends and current events to keep up with the constantly changing business. In this unit you will use software that is commonly used in the business setting.



You will be introduced to careers that are available in the Business Administrative Support Pathway. Many of the skills gained in the Business Administrative Support Pathway vary from entry level, to skills necessary to grow within a business career.

Administration and Support Careers

Career Videos

2010 - present

2010 - present


Assignment #2 Admin

Shark Tank Mock Product Review

Overview: Students will learn about the value of a good and bad product review. They will sample the chips and write their own review. 


Assignment: Click on the link for the Google Doc. and instructions. Make a copy and save it to your Google Drive, in your CCA folder. Complete the worksheet, download as a PDF, and then submit on the class website. 

Absent: Click here for the presentation.